Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Group Practice at Vieshow

Last Sunday morning, we went off to Vieshow for a group practice. When we arrived at the Vieshow area, there was a Statue of Liberty in front of the New York New York shopping mall and we stopped there for a photo shoot.

It was an extremely hot day and we were all panting like crazy, looking for the nearest shade and air conditioned shelters, but everyone was really making a lot of effort to take the chance to practice together.

The main objective for the day's practice was socialization with people and furry friends, so what we did was taking turns to heel, lots of staying and inviting people on the street to pet us.

In addition to getting lots of pets, we also got to take photos with many people.

It was a very good turnout that day with a total of 13 dogs! There were several new faces, so let me introduce you to them one by one:

Tin Ting the West Highland Terrier, family of my classmate, Bibi.

Snoopy the Beagle.

Mei Mei (妹妹) the little black dog.

Gong Wan (貢丸) the Chihuahua.

Ban Tang (半糖) the fluffy white dog.

Buggy the Labrador.

Ocean the Husky.

Ocean waited patiently as his mommy went shopping.

Ocean was a joy to hug!

We also met Nana again, unfortunately, Wen Wen didn't come because A2 Mom came alone.

Here's Pudding posing nicely together with me.

Here is Shiny Xian Cao Mi(仙草蜜) the Black Labrador.

Many people were afraid to go near black dogs, so Xian Cao Mi didn't get too many pets. Her family decided to dress her up and it worked, she did get some pets at the end.

Black Beauty Xian Cao Mi looking sexy in a tutu dress.

Here's Belle looking pretty with a red scarf.

Every practice session always end with a group photo, it was not an easy task to have all 13 dogs in the photo. These were all we could managed:

After the session, we went to a cafe for lunch and then headed to a pet fair nearby. We also went for our Dr. Dog lesson in the late afternoon. That was indeed a very tiring day for all of us.

Big thank you to everyone who showed up, it was great practicing with all of you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for taking such a great picture of Buggy.

Buggy's mom

Anonymous said...




Lorenza said...

Hi, Dino!
those are lots of happy doggies! Thanks for sharing your pictures!
Kisses and hugs

Amber-Mae said...

Another wonderful day you guys had!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

Dino is turly stable. Thank you for taking so many nice photos of BIBI.

By the way, I can't attain Sat. practice, still working.... kind of pitty...

BrandytheGreat said...

Hi there Dino!
Nice to meet you! And you certainly had a day of great fun meeting everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dino,

Congrats on getting to the advanced level - see that you're having lots of fun with mum at all the practices! Your frosties look delicious! Your friend, Snoopy, is so cute! Kisses xoxo

Auntie Felicia

Anonymous said...