Daddy Bernard

Hi everyone! My name is Bernard and I am Dino's dad. Golden Retrievers have always been my dream dog and I could not be happier when I saw Dino. He was very outstanding as a puppy with his big head and giant paws and it was love at first sight!

Many people asked me how I trained Dino to be what he is today, we also get many enquiries from fellow YouTubers who have seen the Dino the Golden Retriever video clips on YouTube. I am always willing to share and tell what I have learnt about dog training. Do check out some of my tips at Dino's training page. I am also a great fan of Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer and I find myself repeating a quote from him all the time: "Exercise, Discipline then Affection". This is the way to fulfil not only yourself, but also your dog. Learn more about what's going on in your dog's mind by reading my Dog Psychology page.

I hope everyone will practise this and have a wonderful lifelong companionship with your pet. They deserve it!!!

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