Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fun with Grandma - Part One

Things are a little quiet around here today because Grandma left last night. :( I miss her already! Since, it's a slow and quiet day, I thought I will arrange some photos and review the last three weeks with all of you.

The weather was erratic, sometimes rainy and sometimes freezing cold. On a few occasions, not sure if it was due to the change in the weather, I had the runs and vomited. So, we ended up not having too many outdoor activities.

When Grandma first arrived, they went to Costco to stock up on lots of foodstuff and more importantly, treats for me!

Besides shopping and feasting on Taiwanese delicacies, Grandma also went on some sightseeing when the weather was good.

There was one fine sunny day where we attempted a second trip up the Yang Ming Shan National Park. It was a long and winding road up the mountain and I threw up my breakfast in the car. Many cars were lining to go up as well and we didn't know how long we will be stuck in the queue, so finally the decision was to go to the groomer's for a bath since I had soiled myself rather badly. Sigh! Another failed trip! When will I ever conquer this mountain???

On another day, Mom tried her luck and called up the Zoo to ask if she could take me along! Silly Mom! Of course not! All kinds of pets are not allowed into the zoo! So, they went without me!

Welcome to Taipei Zoo!

Turtle Power!

Lovely butterflies.

A butterfly that camouflages.

Big Black Bear.


Some scary amphibians.

More zoo friends!

Hope you enjoyed this little introduction of the Taipei Zoo.

To be continued...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dr. Dino goes on duty

Here are some photos from my recent visit to the hospital.

I am a Ram!

Anything to make my friends at the hospital happy!

Grandma wanted to have a photo with me and I displayed my signature Dino Smile!

Time for hoops again!

Come on Grandma, just a few more to go, you have to exercise your hands!

Grandpa learns to give me the "OK" command.

A new friend! Dr. Golden!

Dr. Howdy wore a clown costume and Grandma adores her!

Last week, Dr. Dogs were invited to a school's Sports Day.

Everyone looked smart in their uniforms....

Except me! We were running late and mom forgot to pack my uniform. Grrrr!!!!

Wow! Children everywhere!

It was a super hot day, but thank goodness I got a nice ear massage!

As always, a group photo at the end of the session.

This was Dad smiling just before the car got scratched. Oops!

Woohoo! More awards!

Thanks to Paco and Milo, Ruby and The Four Musketeers!

Thanks again, Paco and Milo!

I would love to share these two awards with my friends below:
Augie and Ti
Cookie and Crew
Jan's Funny Farm
JB's Big World
Lois Lane
Snowy and Crystal

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Surprise from Auckland!

Lookie Lookie! See what I got in the mail!

A copy of Dogs Today! An UK dog magazine from my friend in Auckland, Honey the Great Dane!!!

There is even a special section on Golden Retrievers!

And lots of interesting and informative articles.

Thank you so much Honey! Muah! I am looking forward to your arrival in Taipei in mid January!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let's go swimming again!

Thanks everyone for your concern, I am feeling a lot better today. I have not pooped since morning, I guess the medicine is working very well. Since I stayed at home all day today, I will tell you about my swimming trip earlier this month.

This time, we went to Sunny Dog (愛狗夢樂園), another doggy swimming pool similar to the one I went on my Miaoli trip. Sunny Dog is just half an hour drive from home and I think it's going to be my favorite haunt when the weather is good.

When we were there, a Maltese was celebrating his birthday and he gave me two slices of his birthday cake. Yummy! It is a wonderful place to have a party, I hope I can have my third birthday party here!

Here is the video from the trip, I hope you like it!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tummy upset today

This morning Mom found a small puddle of vomit on the floor, she cleaned it up and quickly took me for my morning walk. My poop was a little soft. I may have caught something when I was at the dog park with Grandma yesterday. I did not have much appetite in the morning and ate only half of my breakfast.

In the afternoon, I followed mom around the house to tell her I needed to poop urgently. She brought me downstairs and I immediately squat down to poop. It was all watery and a visit to the vet was unavoidable. We then went to the vet and I was diagnosed with gastroenteritis. Vet gave me two injections and a pack of tablets.

Don't worry too much about me, my spirits are still high, I just need to take a little rest and I will be out and about in a couple of days. Will keep you all posted about my adventures with Grandma soon!

Have a good week everyone!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Look who is here!

Grandma!!! Yay!!!

The last time I saw Grandma was more than two years ago!

And now....see how much I have grown!

Grandma brought along some gifts.

Aunty Juliet got me some piggy molds!

Look at these cute cookie cutters, jelly molds and envelope purse (for mom) from Lil' Pups!

Grandma went out and bought me a new toy today!


She will be staying for three weeks. It's been raining for the last two days, I hope the weather clears up soon and I can start exploring places with Grandma.

I will try my best to keep you all updated on our adventures. Take good care everyone and see you all again soon!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trust the Weatherman

We all woke up late on Saturday, but decided that we should do something that day. Even though the weather forecast said that there was a 30% chance of rain, we decided to head on to Yangmingshan National Park ((陽明山國家公園) which is famous for its cherry blossoms, hot springs and hiking trails.

Sad to say, the weather forecast was very accurate and it started to drizzle when we arrived. We decided to take shelter and had lunch at the cafeteria.

We heard that there is a place we should check out, a flat grassland called Cingtiangang (擎天崗), so after the not so yummy lunch, we moved on as it continued to rain outside.

Exiting the carpark, we saw a beautiful rainbow! Seems like rainbows are a common sight in Taipei!

The rain got heavier as we drove on, it became really foggy and visibility was really bad, so we decided that it was safer to head for home instead. The park is huge and there are many places we wanted to explore, so that was a huge disappointment for us. Mom was determined to find some place for me to get a good run and we ended up in Dajia Riverside Park again!

My favorite!


I got to say hi to many doggy friends.

And played hide and seek with Mom and Dad.

At the end of the day, we had a good time, Mom was happy and so was I!

Yangmingshan National Park, we will be back on a sunny day!