Monday, November 17, 2008

Tummy upset today

This morning Mom found a small puddle of vomit on the floor, she cleaned it up and quickly took me for my morning walk. My poop was a little soft. I may have caught something when I was at the dog park with Grandma yesterday. I did not have much appetite in the morning and ate only half of my breakfast.

In the afternoon, I followed mom around the house to tell her I needed to poop urgently. She brought me downstairs and I immediately squat down to poop. It was all watery and a visit to the vet was unavoidable. We then went to the vet and I was diagnosed with gastroenteritis. Vet gave me two injections and a pack of tablets.

Don't worry too much about me, my spirits are still high, I just need to take a little rest and I will be out and about in a couple of days. Will keep you all posted about my adventures with Grandma soon!

Have a good week everyone!


Pipa said...

Oh, Dear Dino, I hope you'll be feeling much better really soon!
I missed you!

Take a good rest, Mum n' Dad will surely take good care of you!

Keep us posted, okay?

A biigggg woofie kiss to you, dear Dino!

Aki and Poopie said...

oh dino, we came as soon as we heard that you had a bad tummy... we hope that you'll feel better soon. try not to eat any random thing you see in the park next time, okay?

you poor boy. we're sending lots of healing vibes for your speedy recovery.

get well soon. love ya lots!

drooly kisses,


Anonymous said...

Dino hope you feel better soon. You look cute in your gown.

Amber-Mae said...

Must be the change of the weather that caused it. Rainy nowadays? Please get better soon Dino.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Hope you feel better soon, Dino! :(

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

Dear friend Dino, we hope you'll be feeling much better really soon!
keep us all posted about your adventures with're post missed us so much!!!
we're sure that mum,dad and grandma will take good care of you!!!
we're sorry that don't live near you!!!ww'll take good care of you!!!
get well soon!!!
lots of love and kisses!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor thing, Dino! I hope you're feeling better soon. I've just been to the vet too! It was for our last check-up before we leave NZ - come over to my blog and watch the funny video of me at the vets - it might make you feel better! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Lacy said...

w00f's Dino, me hopes u feel better soon..its no fun being throws up sumtimes too..

b safe,

Charlie said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, Dino! Usually when this happens to me it's because of something I ate (when mom wasn't looking). Wait till tonight -- I bet your mom will get up and take you out if you ask... even in the middle of the night. I know mine does. ;)
- Charlie

Homer said...

I hope you are feeling better now. Over at Amber Mae, the girls are also feeling under the weather.


Lorenza said...

Please take all your meds and you will be like new in no time!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Emma said...

Oh no, I hope he is back on his feet by now.