Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy 48th Birthday, Singapore!!!

It's our National Day today! We went to Bedok Reservoir (勿洛蓄水池) to commemorate this big day! We are very lucky to be living in Singapore, a clean, green and beautiful city!

The weather was just perfect on this Friday morning! Look at the gorgeous blue sky and fluffy white clouds! I hope it stays this way for the National Day Parade tonight!

I was planning to take a nice cool dip, but everyone said No!


The perimeter of  the reservoir is about 5 km and it took us close to two hours to complete it. Ashley ran for the first kilometer while Dad and I ran ahead.

I was totally wiped out when I came home. All of us took a nice nap and we will be watching the parade from home with a pizza feast tonight. Happy Birthday to our wonderful country!!! May you be blessed with peace and prosperity always!!!

We love you, Singapore!!!

National Day Message 2013