Sunday, April 10, 2011

My First Ever Birthday Cake!!!

I turned five years old two months ago in February. As usual, I spent the day at boarding because Dad, Mom and Ashley had to spend Chinese New Year with their family in Singapore. This time, I spent my birthday at DB Dog Dayz. The owner of the DB Dog Dayz sent Mom some photos on my birthday, you can see me busy making new friends.

When I returned from boarding, I was thrilled to see a package waiting for me! It was from Augie and Ti!!!! A stuffed bunny and a cute sweet pea baby for my sister, Ashley!!! Valentine's Day was around the corner and they sent me a big red heart and cute little Valentine cards too! Thank you guys for your wonderful presents!!!

Another package arrived! Lamb, carrots, apples and treats from Auntie Felicia! I had birthday feasts four times in total with all that food! Thank you very much, Auntie Feli for all the yummy goodies!

I also received three e-greetings!

Thank you, Kimba!

Thank you, Parker and Daisy!!!

Thank you, Augie and Ti!!!

Augie and Ti asked me "Where's the cake?". Sadly, I never had a birthday cake for my past birthdays, the closest to it was the "Little Cakes" that Mom baked for my fourth birthday.

So for my fifth birthday, it was decided that I should finally have a real birthday cake! We asked our pals, Augie and Ti for a recipe and they happily shared with us here: Let's make doggy cakes!

Big thank you to Auntie Ellen for baking the cake for me. I am happy to report that it turned out perfect! Thank you so much Augie and Ti for the fail proof recipe!!! It is super yummy and I enjoyed it very much!

Grandma Connie came to visit and so all of us went to Penfold Park for a belated celebration.

The weather was very good and I had a fabulous time! Check out my birthday video below: