Mummy Julia

Hi there! I am Dino's mummy and Julia is my name. My first contact with a golden retriever was one by the name of Waggy, he was a neighbour's dog and he came right up to me and wagged his tail so hard when I first called out to him. It was indeed a special feeling and it sparked off a love for goldens ever since and I am always delighted just to see a golden walking by.

I come from a animal loving family and I grew up with pets all my life, home was like a zoo, I had cats, dogs, birds, fish, rabbits and turtles. Dino is the first large breed dog that I have ever owned and everyday I am learning more about large dogs and the golden retriever breed. Having Dino also helped me make many wonderful dog lover friends. I must also mention about all the people who have watched Dino on YouTube, thanks for all the nice comments you left for Dino and most of all thanks for being our cyber friends.

I have big dreams for Dino, I want him to have a meaningful and rewarding life and touch the hearts of people out there and bring smiles to their faces. I was so proud of him when he became a Dr. Dog, you can read all about it here. We are currently taking a break from our Dr. Dog duties, but we do hope to resume our service soon.

I hope that everyone can get to know more about the Golden Retriever breed through this site and experience the love Dino has given us and our love for him.

Remember, you are your pet's lifetime companion, Patience, Praise and Practice makes the Perfect Pet!

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