Sunday, June 19, 2011

We love you, Daddy!!!

Wishing all fathers and grandfathers out there a very Happy Father's Day!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What does Summer means?

Summer has not officially started and it's hot hot hot here in Hong Kong!!! It's about 32°C/90°F during the day and I am suffering! For me, summer means hot spots are here to stay.

I have been battling a severe case of hot spots since last month and Mom had to bring me to the groomer's for my early summer cut again! Here's one last photo before I said goodbye to all my glorious hair!

And now, I have transformed into a lion again!!!

No, I am a Friendly Lion.

We were all surprised that I didn't look that fat afterall! Take a look at my previous summer cuts here. It's nice to feel cooler and lighter now. Come run around with me at Penfold Park in my latest video below:

And here is a clip of my sister Ashley who simply loves to dance.

Have a fabulous and cool Sunday everyone!!!