Saturday, October 31, 2009

Great pics from Auntie Tong Tong

Auntie Tong Tong brought along her camera when she visited us with her family and took some very nice pics of Ashley and I. She took more than a hundred pics of us and it was so hard to decide on a favorite. I would love to post all the photos here, but you all will get an overdose, so here are a few to share:

After spending some time with us, Dad brought them to have dinner at a place called Da Lao Er ( 大老二快炒). Food was really good and everyone enjoyed the dinner.

Address: 台北縣淡水鎮淡金路三段2號
Telephone: 02 8631 7272

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!!!

Are you the one for him?

Introducing... TOBY, nicknamed Kor Kor Butterfly because of his cute little butterfly looking ears.

• Location: Singapore
• 8-9 months old
• Sweet natured, extremely gentle, intelligent and healthy
• Adoption Fee: $220 to be donated to Noah's Ark Cares. Toby has been vaccinated and sterilized

Toby was saved from a certain death at the AVA when he was captured and was about to be put to sleep. Initially extremely fearful, he has now blossomed to be a handsome, sweet and gentle dog.

A Poem by Toby:
In a cage once upon a time,
Where other dogs say being alive is a crime
I waited for someone to give a dime
To spare me from death’s grime

If every dog has its day
Two fairies came my way
A hurried u-turn at the bay
My heart is still beating to this day

If what the Golden Retriever said is true,
I can’t wait to lick you, hug you, or play with you,
If I can waive this terror-in-lieu
I can’t wait to fawn on you, or laugh at a tickle from you.

If what the legend of the dog lover is true,
I can’t wait to love you, protect you
Or just to look at you
If every dog’s day is true…

If you wish to visit Toby, please visit Mutts & Mittens (11 Pasir Ris Farmway 2) and look for Noel. Any inquiries after viewing should be directed to Nancy at or sms her at 94886419.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Mommy!

Three weeks ago, Mom's birthday was spent quietly in Singapore. Our good friends, Augie and Ti dedicated a "Purple People Eater" video to her and made her laughed so hard! Thanks for making her day extra special.

Little Kimba sent a lovely birthday greeting too! Thank you so much, sweet Kimba!

When she came back to Taipei, there was a package waiting for her! I have a feeling there is something in there for me.

I was right!


A new toy!

That looks interesting!

The princess in Mom's tiara.

The princess with her pacifier and Mom's tiara.

The princess is snoozing...

How do I look?

Boys look good in tiaras too!

What fun pressies! Thank you Augie and Ti! We had a great time posing for the pics!

Here's a cute pic of the little munchkin.

She surprised Mom when she turned over by herself on her tummy a few days ago, We will be posting a video on that on our next post! Have a great day everyone!

Ashley goes to Pixar Exhibition

Pixar Animation Studios, the creators of the amazing Disney 3D animations like "Toy Story", "Finding Nemo" and "The Incredibles" are currently having a "20 years of Animation" exhibition in Taipei at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Mom decided to check it out with Ashley.

The place was packed with people even though it was a Monday. It was a very interesting exhibit where they show you the worlds, characters and stories of Pixar’s first twenty years of film-making. Photo-taking is strictly prohibited in the exhibition, so Mom only took some outside.

Finding Nemo

Luxo Jr.

Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc.

Pixar Logo

The regular exhibits at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum are closed on Mondays, so they took a quick stroll around the museum before heading home.

Exterior of Museum

Some sculptures

The Pixar Exhibition is now on till Nov 1, check it out before it ends!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sob.... I miss Auntie Felicia, Uncle Kian and Zoe

Auntie Felicia, Uncle Kian and Zoe have relocated to Hong Kong. They flew off yesterday morning.

I miss them so much already! Sob....wish I can get on the plane now and join them there. :(

Thank you so much to the sweet family for their love, care and concern during the last two years. And a million thanks for the pregnancy and motherhood tips for mommy, she is eternally grateful!

We hope to see you guys soon in Hong Kong, take good care for now and have fun eating and shopping in this new exciting place!

Friday, October 23, 2009

We are back!!!

Hellooooooooo! We are back!!! In fact, we got back on Saturday, but we have been busy settling into our regular schedules and I have not got much internet time until now. I hope everyone is happy and healthy.

And guess what? I got fat during the last two weeks and my hair has grown longer too! Ashley is growing fast too and Mom cannot carry her with one hand anymore. The baby is getting very vocal these days, so let me share this video clip of Ashley at 3 months old before I update you all on the rest of my adventures,

I will be back with more stories and photos. Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ashley's Pics taken by Auntie Felicia

Hello friends, so sorry I have not been around much. Dad, Mom and Ashley are now in Singapore for Auntie Beh's wedding and I am off to boarding. They have been busy meeting relatives and preparing for the big day. As for me, I have been busy making new friends and I will be back home in about a week's time. For now, let me share with you some photos of Ashley and Zoe, they will certainly make you smile!

Auntie Felicia, thanks for taking these beautiful photos. We love them so much!

Have a good weekend, everyone! I will be back soon!