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 Training with Dino

My name is Bernard, I am Dino's Dad as well as his trainer. In this section, I will share with you some of the training methods that I use to train Dino. If you have any questions about training, feel free to send an email to Dino.

Golden retrievers are an intelligent breed and they are fast learners, but if want to enjoy a good lifelong companionship with your dog, it is very important that you provide them with proper training. Dogs are always eager to please their owners. Through proper training, You will not be having a dog that is always breaking the house rules.

Training with your dog needs to be fun and it is a very important tool to help you bond with him. Training can also help you to further enhance your role as a pack leader. The whole process needs to be fun. Having fun during training will make your dog look forward to it and so he will easily co-operate with you. You should be using a lot of praises and treats and be patient during training. If you are using treats, please remember to do it before his scheduled meal so as not to overfeed him. You will feed him lesser in his meal if he has just finished his training. This can also keep his weight in check.

When giving commands, use his name with the command, for e.g. "Dino, sit", "Dino, come", Dino, stay". Using his name is to get his attention and to look at you. This is also to get him ready for the next action. Treats should be in small pieces which he can chew and swallow easily. You should choose praising words and then stick to it. Always use it together with the command for e.g. "Good boy, sit, "Good boy, come", "Good boy, stay". In this way, he will know that "Good boy" means something positive to him.

Always keep in mind that you should not repeat too many times on your commands. In a dog's psychology, if you repeat too many times and he does not react to you, you are deemed a failure in his eyes. You have to make it happen. If he has mastered the command, but does not react to it and you keep repeating the command, in his world, it means that "I don't have to do whatever you ask me to, I can take my time to do it if I want to". If you are interested to learn more about what's going on in your dog's mind, go to our Dog Psychology page. Remember to always practise leadership at home.

Please check out our dog training YouTube videos here to see how Dino was trained.

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