How to teach your dog to come on command

Training with Dino the Golden Retriever

Dino, come!

This command is very important as it may help to save your pet's life. You can help to prevent accidents. He should come to you every time on this command.

Use a leash that is long enough, around 5 metres. Start by walking away from him around 5 metres away. You should not attempt too far a distance in the beginning. Then turn around and face him. Get his attention by calling out to his name then the command "Dino, come". Using his name is to get his attention to look at you. If he refuses to come, you can use the leash by slowly reeling him towards you. During the process, repeat the command with his name. As he is coming to you, praise him by saying "Good boy, come" in a happy tone. He should be coming to you when he feels that you are happy. After he reaches in front of you, continue praising him and give him a treat. After a few tries, he should come to you on his own.

Another method is to run away from him. If reeling him in does not work, try running away in opposite direction. He should come after you as it is the dog's instinct not to lose the pack. Having the leash is just a safety measure that you can control him if he were to run away from you and to prevent accidents. Run away from him in the opposite direction and say "Dino, come". He should come after you. Once he reaches in front of you, praise him by saying "Good boy, come" and give him the treat. Personally, I prefer the running away from him method as it works better because it is instinctual that they are afraid to lose the pack. Also, I do not have to repeat my command too many times before he comes after me.

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