Monday, May 17, 2010

My New Friends

I haven't had many friends since we moved to our new apartment. Luckily, I have my baby sister Ashley for company during our walks.

Recently, I found a nice wide open space behind my block and I have been hanging out there ever since. Isn't it great?

This place is great for fetching, training and playing! I call it my "Secret Garden". :)
Best of all, I managed to make some new friends!

First, meet Duke! He is about one year old and is full of energy!!!

It is fun playing with him, he makes me feel young!

Next, meet Sugar! She is a four year old Labrador. She is really good at fetching!

Finally, meet Kiki!!! She is Dr. Kiki, my ex-colleague at Dr. Dog! It's been so long since we last met.

I was so thrilled to hear that she moved to my neighborhood and I quickly got in touch with her! I missed visiting the hospital with her!

She is lovely, isn't she?

I also got to meet Sugar's little brother, Issac!

I am so happy to meet all these new friends and I hope I can go there and play everyday!

Have a good week ahead everyone!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Gold Post Rescue Page - May 2010

Meet Topper! This boy used to have seizures every week, but they are greatly reduced with medication and he still makes a great family pet.

Find out more about him here:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mothers and Grandmothers out there! Apologies for disappearing for one whole month and making some of you worried for us. We are all very fine, just a little busy and lazy to blog.

Today is a special day for Mom, she did not get any carnations, but Dad took her out for a nice lunch. They went to Huang Ting Restaurant 皇廷大飯店, it is a very oriental looking restaurant with a nice tea house. 
The place was packed and we were seated in their tea house instead, which was nice and quiet.

 That's Ms Ashley at the entrance of the tea house.

There is a lovely Koi pond outside.

Here's the interior of the tea house, it does look quaint doesn't it?

Here is Ms Ashley again sitting on a carved wooden chair.

This is what Dad and Mom ate and Ashley had rice noodles for the first time today!

Let me introduce the dishes to you. This is a pot of nutritious chicken soup with wild mushrooms.

Here's a plate of sweet potato leaves.

 A bowl of yummy rice noodles that Ashley loves.

Fried Prawns coated with salted egg yolk.

Beef fried with peppers.

And finally, Ashley's first mother's day gift for Mom: She held her own bottle and drank her milk so that Mom could enjoy her lunch. Good girl, Ashley!

I hope all you mommies are having a great time with your family. Mommies are the BEST!!!

Things have finally slowed down a little. I will be back with my long overdue updates!