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Hello there, my name is Dino and I am a Golden Retriever. After living in Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong, I have now moved to Singapore with my Daddy, Mommy and Sister Ashley. Thank you for visiting and do come back again for more stories about my golden adventures. Find out more about me in my homepage, lovedino.com and don't forget to check out my video clips while you are there!
Love, Dino

大家好!我是黃金獵犬/金毛尋回犬 Dino,如果想要認識我,就要常常來逛我的部落格!http://ilovedino.blogspot.com/ 這裡紀錄我生活的點點滴滴. 除了有部落格以外, 还有网站,http://www.lovedino.com/ 欢迎来拜访哦!

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