Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ashley's 2nd Month checkup

When Ashley turned two months old two weeks ago, she went for her 2nd month checkup at the hospital.

She tipped the scales at 6.1 kg/13.4 lbs. She has put on 1.1 kg/2.4 lbs since her first check up.

She is now 57 cm/22.4 in long with a growth of 2 cm/0.8 in compared to last month.

Her head circumference measured 39 cm/15.4 in, 1.5 cm/ 0.6 in bigger than last month.

Then she got her ears and mouth checked.

Finally, she got her 2nd month vaccination and we have a video clip of it! Like last month, she wailed for 5 seconds and then she fell asleep. She is one funny gal!

Mom must have pulled a tendon or something while carrying Ashley and had been complaining about the pain on her left hand for a week, doctor said that she has what they call here the Mother's Hand (媽媽手).

She got an injection for it. Ouch!!!

And got a wrist guard to help it heal. Oh my poor mommy!


10 years ago on September 9, 1999 was a special day because it was the day my parents registered their marriage.

What made it extra special is that there are five number 9s in that date and that only come once in a blue blue moon. The number 9 in Chinese is 九 and it sounds just like 久 which means "long-lasting", so I guess they picked the date so that they will be blessed with a long-lasting marriage.

M1, the telephone company even gave out a free mobile phone to every couple who got married on that day. They also got Dad and Mom to pose for a photo with the phone and their marriage certificate.

And guess what? The photo appeared in the newspapers the very next day!

They didn't make any special plans to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Mom was tired, but Dad said that they should go out and eat something nice.

So, they decided to head on to a Bavarian restaurant which is remotely located somewhere in the mountains.

Smoky Inn
Address: No 88, Balian River Valley, Bachen-zunn, Km 3.4 Road 11, Sanjhih 252, TW (台北縣三芝鄉八賢村八連溪88號)
Telephone: 02-26368299
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm

They ordered their house specials:

Smoked pork knuckle pan

and Mixed sausage pan

And of course some traditional Bavarian Beer.

Mom was happy with her beer. It was great for washing down all that greasy food.

Pity it is not a dog friendly restaurant and I could not be there, but what better way to celebrate the special occasion with a new addition to the family: My Baby Sister, Ashley!

Happy 10th anniversary to my Daddy and Mommy!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting Ready for The Event of The Year

The Event of The Year is coming right up! Aunty Beh is getting married next month! Aunty Beh is Dad's sister and we are all getting very excited for her! Woohoo!

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the wedding as it is held in Singapore, but if I could, I would go to the groomer's to have my hair styled and put on a bow tie for her big day.

Ashley has tons of clothes and Mommy has none. Mom is cracking her head cause she does not have anything to wear, looks like she will have to do some last minute shopping for the big day.

Many people has been asking what Ashley will be wearing...hmmm.... she just received more pretty clothes from Aunty Juliet and Aunty Joanne when they visited last week, it's really hard to decide. Maybe she will wear the dress that Dad's colleagues got for her. A Baby Dior dress!!!

Here's the packaging.

Can we see the dress already?

Taa Daa!!! Ashley is a Dior Baby! She has so little hair, I think she needs a Dior hat to go with the dress. Oh and how about a pair of Dior shoes too? Hee hee!

Big thank you to Daddy's colleagues for the lovely dress! I think it's great for the wedding!

Good Steak at Frank's Texas BBQ

Before Grandma left for Singapore, Dad, Mom and Ashley brought her out to dinner at a very nice steak house.

Frank's Texas BBQ (邊界驛站)
Address: 台北縣三芝鄉淡金公路18.1公里處
Telephone: 02-2636-1548
Operating Hours: 11:30am ~ 9:00pm
* Cash Only *

The restaurant was all packed on that Saturday night.

Staff were all wearing T-shirts with 48 oz. at the back. Apparently, if you are able to finish 40 oz. of beef steak, you would be eligible to take part in their 48 oz. challenge. Burp!!!

For starters, they had bread, soup and salad.

Over the Border wings - absolutely yummy, a must order at every table!!!

Grandma had the BBQ pork spare ribs.

Dad ate the Wrangler rib eye 10 oz special and

Mommy ate the Red wine pepper steak

All smiles after a good meal. They found out that the restaurant is dog-friendly too and I will be going next time. Yay!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Caught Red Pawed!

Look what I got!

Ashley's nappy! I stole it when no one was looking and ohhhhh I just love shredding it!

Hee Hee! Total number of nappies destroyed to date = 6
Looks like we need to stock up on nappies on our next shopping trip.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thank you, Honey!

More pressies for Ashley!!! She is a truly blessed baby!

Look what Honey the Great Dane in New Zealand sent!

An organic cottton Kimono top! It is so soft and comfy!!! It is still a little too big for her, but at the rate she is growing, she will be able to fit into it in no time.

Honey and Family, thank you so much for the gift and thank you too for being my friend!

I bet many of you already know Honey and her awesome family. Honey is the only Great Dane I know who can dance! They have many exciting posts about their lives in Auckland and wonderful training tips on their blog (http://bighoneydog.com), do check them out if you have not already done so.