Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ashley's 2nd Month checkup

When Ashley turned two months old two weeks ago, she went for her 2nd month checkup at the hospital.

She tipped the scales at 6.1 kg/13.4 lbs. She has put on 1.1 kg/2.4 lbs since her first check up.

She is now 57 cm/22.4 in long with a growth of 2 cm/0.8 in compared to last month.

Her head circumference measured 39 cm/15.4 in, 1.5 cm/ 0.6 in bigger than last month.

Then she got her ears and mouth checked.

Finally, she got her 2nd month vaccination and we have a video clip of it! Like last month, she wailed for 5 seconds and then she fell asleep. She is one funny gal!

Mom must have pulled a tendon or something while carrying Ashley and had been complaining about the pain on her left hand for a week, doctor said that she has what they call here the Mother's Hand (媽媽手).

She got an injection for it. Ouch!!!

And got a wrist guard to help it heal. Oh my poor mommy!


Ruby and Penny said...

What a sweetie Ashley is.
We hope mom's hand heals soon.
Love Ruby & Penny

Unknown said...

Oh Ashley is just divine!! Although my human and I really winced when we saw that needle - MY GOD - it's HUGE!!!!! Poor Ashley!!

Honey the Great Dane
ps. hope your human's hand gets better soon!

Thor and Jack said...

Ashley is adorable, Dino!
I hope your mommy´s hand gets better soon!

hugs to all of you

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dino!
Glad the check up went well! Ashley is growing fast!
I hope your mom's hand heals soon!
Kisses and hugs

Angel Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

Ashley is getting so big, and cuter every day. We love her smile. Hope your Mommy's hand gets better soon.

Tucker and Daisy

Chow Chow said...

Your poor Mummy..hope her hand recovers soon!

Baby Ashley is growing up well and healthy! She looks gorgeous....well, I hope my baby sister will look as cute as her when she arrives!