Tuesday, September 29, 2009


10 years ago on September 9, 1999 was a special day because it was the day my parents registered their marriage.

What made it extra special is that there are five number 9s in that date and that only come once in a blue blue moon. The number 9 in Chinese is 九 and it sounds just like 久 which means "long-lasting", so I guess they picked the date so that they will be blessed with a long-lasting marriage.

M1, the telephone company even gave out a free mobile phone to every couple who got married on that day. They also got Dad and Mom to pose for a photo with the phone and their marriage certificate.

And guess what? The photo appeared in the newspapers the very next day!

They didn't make any special plans to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Mom was tired, but Dad said that they should go out and eat something nice.

So, they decided to head on to a Bavarian restaurant which is remotely located somewhere in the mountains.

Smoky Inn
Address: No 88, Balian River Valley, Bachen-zunn, Km 3.4 Road 11, Sanjhih 252, TW (台北縣三芝鄉八賢村八連溪88號)
Telephone: 02-26368299
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm

They ordered their house specials:

Smoked pork knuckle pan

and Mixed sausage pan

And of course some traditional Bavarian Beer.

Mom was happy with her beer. It was great for washing down all that greasy food.

Pity it is not a dog friendly restaurant and I could not be there, but what better way to celebrate the special occasion with a new addition to the family: My Baby Sister, Ashley!

Happy 10th anniversary to my Daddy and Mommy!


Chow Chow said...

Happy anniversary to your pawrents! What a beautiful family!

Ashley's Aunty J said...

What a perfect way to enter the tenth year - beautiful dog and beautiful baby! :)

Sara Alves said...

what a coincidence!! Sara´s parents also got married on 09-09... but on 1979 ;D
wish you all the happiness!
licks pu

Pedro said...


Happy Anniversary to your parents! Mine just celebrated their 11th anniversary last weekend!


Kimba said...

Happy 10th anniversary! Wooohooooo!

Unknown said...

Oh, Happy, Happy Anniversary to your humans, Dino! What a lovely story about their wedding day - and how interesting about the numbers!

(Not so sure about the Bavarian food, though...think I liked the look of the recent barbecue place they went to better!)

Honey the Great Dane

Wannie said...

Happy 10th anniversary to your mommy and daddy, Dino! 10 years of happiness and many more to come :)