How to teach your dog to sit on command

 Training with Dino the Golden Retriever

Dino, sit!

There are two methods which you can use. See which one works better for you:

Method One:
First, start by having your dog in front of you. Then give the command with his name "Dino, sit" and using your hand to press his butt down lightly at the same time to get him into the sit position. After he gets into the position, praise him by saying "Good boy, sit" and give him the treat. Remember to use one which is positive and link it together with the command so that he can have the connection. Dogs listen to the tone of your voice, so your praising tone should be in a higher pitch and happy. After a few tries, I guarantee that he will get into the sit position on his own without you pressing him. Remember to keep the training short as dogs have very short span of concentration and to end it in a positive way. Please do not use physical punishment as it will not help them to learn the command faster.

Method Two:
Same way to start by having him in front of you. Hold a treat in your hand which he can see. Then move your hand from in front of his nose and move up the way to his head. When your hand is about to reach his head level, say the command with his name "Dino, sit". He will be sure to follow your hand and look up and eventually sit down. Once his butt touches the floor, praise him by saying "Good boy, sit" and give him a treat. After a few tries, he will sit upon your command.

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