Saturday, October 31, 2009

Are you the one for him?

Introducing... TOBY, nicknamed Kor Kor Butterfly because of his cute little butterfly looking ears.

• Location: Singapore
• 8-9 months old
• Sweet natured, extremely gentle, intelligent and healthy
• Adoption Fee: $220 to be donated to Noah's Ark Cares. Toby has been vaccinated and sterilized

Toby was saved from a certain death at the AVA when he was captured and was about to be put to sleep. Initially extremely fearful, he has now blossomed to be a handsome, sweet and gentle dog.

A Poem by Toby:
In a cage once upon a time,
Where other dogs say being alive is a crime
I waited for someone to give a dime
To spare me from death’s grime

If every dog has its day
Two fairies came my way
A hurried u-turn at the bay
My heart is still beating to this day

If what the Golden Retriever said is true,
I can’t wait to lick you, hug you, or play with you,
If I can waive this terror-in-lieu
I can’t wait to fawn on you, or laugh at a tickle from you.

If what the legend of the dog lover is true,
I can’t wait to love you, protect you
Or just to look at you
If every dog’s day is true…

If you wish to visit Toby, please visit Mutts & Mittens (11 Pasir Ris Farmway 2) and look for Noel. Any inquiries after viewing should be directed to Nancy at or sms her at 94886419.

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