Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dr. Dog Advanced Level: Lesson One

So we had our first advanced lesson on Sunday. It's an even smaller class with only four of us and we have a different instructor this time and her name is Pudding's Mom (布丁妈).

These are my classmates, from left to right: Bibi, Me, Yummy and Ah Dan.

Our instructor started the class by telling us that the advanced class is a lot easier and there is not much homework compared to the previous two classes. And true enough, it is so much more relaxing and we get to learn two new tricks during each session.

The two tricks that we learned are "Take a Bow" and "Play Dead". It's up to us to come up with our own hand signals for these tricks. I have already learned them before, but for "Take a Bow", I think I need to keep in the bowing position for a little longer and for "Play Dead", I can add something more interesting to it.

Our instructor then continued by leaving toys and treats in a line on the floor and we had to heel along them, practice "Stay" and "Come" on command without smelling the goodies on the floor.

Next was fun time for our owners, our instructor laid a deck of animal poker cards on the floor and we had to stay in position while our owners went and pick out sets of "two of a kind" and "straight flush" cards at intervals of 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

This was followed by taking turns to stay in the center while other dogs heeled around us. Next was having our owners give commands like "Heel", "Sit" and "Stay" from positions other then standing. We must obey the commands no matter if our owners are giving them when they are either sitting or lying down.

Then we learned how to heel to the side without having to make a circle behind our owners and our instructor ended the class by telling us to have our meals outside this week, socialize more and invite children to touch us.

Before I go, let me introduce you to the rest of my classmates.

This is Bibi from my previous class.

This is Yummy, what a lovely smile!

Here is Ah Dan, he has been shaved, but look what we saw on his body!

It's hard to miss, a letter D on his right and a heart shape on his left. Wow! I have never seen anything quite like this before.

This is Pudding, our instructor's golden retriever.

Till our next lesson, bye for now!

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