Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dr. Dog Advanced Level: Lesson Two & Three

It's getting too hot and I have been bumming around and not getting much done. Before I continue to hibernate, let me post an update before everyone starts to wonder where I am. So, please excuse my laziness while I consolidate my last two Dr. Dog lessons together.

After the group practice I mentioned in my previous blog entry, we went to a pet fair near the Taipei City Hall, it was an open air event to promote pet adoption so there were several pet shelters and rescue groups with some very cute puppies.

There were also some pets performing tricks on stage, but it was too hot, so we walked around a bit, bought my anti flea treatment, took some photos and left.

Here's me with the Taipei 101 building in the background.

We went to a park next to the pet fair to rest and drink some water before we head off to school. The weather was really hot, but suddenly it started to rain heavily, we managed to hop into a taxi before we got really wet.

Lesson Two

I had two new classmates that day.

Lafy the Corgi.

And Gula (古拉) the Husky.

Like my classmate, Ah Dan, Gula is also spotting an unique summer look.

The two tricks we learned that day were cross paws and weave. I am only able to cross my right paw at the moment, so hopefully by weekend I would be able to cross my left as well. For weave, I can do it pretty well, but I still need to work on speed and to weave on 0ne cue.

We had lots of heeling practice with distractions that day and then our instructor placed square mats in a circle on the floor with cones at four corners of the room and we have to sit on the squares while one owner and dog go around and place a piece of paper on anyone he chooses. The person who has been marked and the person who placed the marker must then run with their dogs to the nearest cone and the fastest dog to lie down next to the cone wins. The team that wins gets to sit on the empty mat and the game continues. I think our owners enjoyed that game because there were lots of excitement and laughter.

After that, we learned to heel both to the left and to the right.

This was followed by some "Stay" practice. We have to stay in position while our owners go across the room to pet other dogs.

For the next game, our owners have to remove their treat pouch. I have been warned that they will be weaning off the treats as we go, but I can't believe it is happening so fast! Luckily, it was just removing the pouch and putting the treats at 3 different locations in the room. All of us heel together with our owners and when our instructor says "Sit!", everyone sits and then we can stand up and go and get our treats.

Besides practicing the two new tricks, the homework for the week was also to train our noses, by scattering treats around and letting our noses sniff them out.

For the next lesson, we have to bring some costumes and props.

Lesson Three

The two tricks for the day were to learn how to walk forward and backwards and make a facial expression. We can choose facial expressions like sneeze, yawn or licking lips.

Next was getting familiar with things like walking stick, umbrella, hula hoop and crutches etc.

After that, all of us have to stay in position while our owners leave the room, dress up in all the weird costumes and come back in. We have to all stay quietly and our owners can only enter the room when the instructor said so.

Ah Dan's Mom and Gula's Mom.

Yummy's Dad.

Bibi's Owners.

My Daddy.

Homework for the week was to do an automatic sit when we are at any door. We have to be in a sit position even when our owners open the door and step out and we can go only when our owners give the "Come" command.

Before the class ended, Bibi's owner gave me some yummy home baked biscuits. Thank you, Kerry!

While waiting to go home, Yummy and Lafy got some treats too!

Now, let me turn on the air condition and lie down in my favorite corner. Tata for now!

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Amber-Mae said...

Woah, the Advanced level sounds like it's getting harder but yet, it's still fun becoz you guys can learn new tricks too unlike our OB classes. Our trainer discouraged cross training but we don't care!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer