Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Project QQ - Day Two

Johnny and mum sent QQ to the vet again for his drips this morning. Olive said that QQ vomited last night, but otherwise he was active and looking good. Olive was afraid that QQ was bored last night and turned on the musical box for him. How sweet of her!

Vet said he looked better today, but Johnny and mum got a good scare when QQ shot out some bloody stools. It was really shocking and both of them started to get worried about him again.

QQ is a really sweet puppy, we all just cannot believe what his owner did to him by just throwing him away like a piece of garbage.

Please continue to pray for him, if he is able to pull through the third day tomorrow, then chances are good that he will not succumb to the virus.


Heather-Anne said...

Thanks for the update on QQ. I wish I lived closer so we could help! If you all need anything or if there is anything we can do let us know!

Dino and Family said...

Thanks Heather-Anne! You are a great pal!