Thursday, August 16, 2007

Project QQ - Day Three

Mum had another emotional day as QQ had to be rushed for an emergency surgery today. Vet felt his abdomen and said there was something wrong with his intestines, a blockage or something and have to be operated immediately. QQ was put under anesthesia and then onto the surgery table for about 45 minutes. Mum was crying the whole time he was in there. Mum was so worried that he may not wake up, but luckily the little one came out of the operating room conscious. Vet removed about a third of his intestine and also removed a hernia on his abdomen. QQ lost quite a lot of blood and vet had to gave him a blood transfusion.

Mum felt so sorry for QQ. He is so skinny that his ribs shows and he is starting to have mucous from his nose. He also had diarrhea today and was coughing a bit. The signs are all not looking good. Vet says we will have to start the 3 day window period all over again to see if QQ will survive.

Thank you everyone for rooting for QQ, please continue to pray for him.

QQ, you have to be strong!

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