Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Update on QQ

lJohnny and mum has been frantically looking for a home for QQ, Olive was not able to help look after QQ for the last two nights as her flatmate had some visitors at home. Mum had no choice but to leave QQ at Vet Huang's and told her that she will bear the boarding fees until they find someone to adopt QQ.

QQ has started coughing abit and is also passing out undigested food. Vet Huang says QQ may have digestive problems for the rest of his life. Looking at skinny QQ, mum thought to herself if it was wise to save QQ's life in the first place and let him live on with some health problems. Whatever it is, they can now only hope for the best and this is the best arrangement so far and so they all decided to help QQ find a home fast to avoid further exposure to other viruses at the vet's.

In the afternoon, Mum got a call from Vet Huang saying that a potential adopter has arrived! Yay!!!! Mum rushed down and found out that it is a colleague of Johnny's friend, her name is Joyce. The team of five came during their office lunch time to pick QQ up. Joyce is camera shy so mum only took two pictures of QQ in her arms. Mum also took one last photo with QQ before he goes home, she is so happy for QQ! At last he has a home, Mum is also delighted to find out that not only QQ has a mum now, he also has two god mothers! Mum has a good feeling that Joyce will make a good owner for QQ and thanked her for taking QQ in. Mum also told her not to desert QQ and she must contact anyone of us if she finds him not suitable for her. Mum is happy that she can always check with Johnny's friend about QQ's wellbeing and we must also not forget Johnny who had been fabulous in looking for a home for QQ. Mum and Vet Huang toasted the end of the horrible chapter of QQ's life with some iced lemon tea. We are all quite sure QQ will recover better under the Joyce's love and care. Goodbye QQ, have fun in your new home and get well soon! We missed you already!


Anonymous said...

Dino, I just wanted to say that I hope your mum feeling much better and that QQ is enjoying the tender loving care of his new mum. What a happy boy he will be thanks to you know who. Our fingers and paws are crossed that all will work out well for the new family and that QQ will someday be all well and able to play with you at the dog park.

Dino and Family said...

Hi Rachel, thanks!