Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I have a new metal leash

Mum is intent on mastering the walk with me and heeding the advice of her cyber friends, she got me a metal leash. I did not try and bite on the metal chain, but I did attempt to reach for the canvas strap at the top of the leash this morning when I got excited after seeing Honey, the five month old golden retriever, I think he is one cute guy! Mum says she is not giving up on me and said we are going to give it a try again later in the day.

Mum is running a slight fever, so after we finished our afternoon walk, we went to the pharmacy to pick up some medicine and cooling pads. When we reached home, Mum told Dad that I was amazingly good during the walk and the trip to the pharmacy. Mum is wondering to herself if I know that she is feeling a little under the weather.
Here's a new video clip of yours truly mastering the walk with Mum. I will try to be a good boy, Mum!


Anonymous said...

Dino, you are a trickster if there ever was one. No one would ever believe that you give your mum one iota of a problem walking on a lead. I guess when the camera is not rolling, all bets are off, heh? Maybe you are one of those pups who just needs to carry something in his mouth. My Tucker is like that. He always wants to have one of his stuffies in his mouth. Or maybe you want to take Mum where you want to go. heehee

Mostly I want to say Hooray to your Mum for all she has done for QQ. It has made my heart glad to know what a caring soul God has placed on this earth in the person of your very own Mum.

Dino and Family said...

Dear Rachel, thanks for your comment again. I promise I will be a good boy ;)