Sunday, August 10, 2008

Holiday at Miaoli - Day Two

I had enough of the chickens crowing all morning and I woke everyone up. It looked like a great day to be out and about. So, we packed some towels into our bags and decided we are going swimming today!!!

We had a nice congee breakfast before we set off.

The drive took about 20 minutes and we arrived at Go Go Water World 狗狗水世界. This is a popular place for doggies to go swimming!

Before we get into the pool, we need to have a rinse first.

Ok, now I am all ready!

Hey! Look! That's Ocean and Belle!!!! Our Dr. Dog friends! They are all expert swimmers!

If you have seen My First Swim four months ago, you would know that my first experience with the water was not exactly a pleasant one. I was feeling quite anxious and I paced around the pool at least five times. Dad decided that he would carry me and enter the water together.

We started slowly, but I kept trying to get out.

I think I like it better up here.

Don't let go, Dad! I feel like I am drowning.

That's mom carrying me in the middle.

I like to float with mommy.

Today was rather productive, I managed to paddle around on my own, but I still would not enter the water by myself. Enough for today, mom says we will come here again tomorrow.

Shower time! Dad gave me a good scrub

and made sure I was thoroughly dried.

After we have all washed up, we went into the cafe for lunch. Dad and Mom both ordered the roasted chicken drumstick set. It was really yummy.

The owner of Go Go Water World has more than ten Labradors and this is one of them.

After lunch, we went for some sightseeing. We stopped at Long Teng Broken Bridge (龍騰斷橋) that was destroyed by the earthquake in 1935.

There was a railway track and a nice cafe nearby.

We walked around a bit and then stopped for some coffee.

It's a pity I am a little to big to sit on this train.

At least, I got to ride in a helicopter.

Let's take a few shots on the railway track before the train comes.

It's been a long day and I was all wiped out.

It was sunset again when we arrived back at the farm.

Dad and Mom were too tired to eat out, so they decided to eat some instant noodles in the room. Duo Duo's Mom was very kind to give us some delicious soup and stinky tofu to go with the noodles.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Day Two of my holiday, tomorrow we are going swimming again and I will have more stories to share with you!


Thor and Jack said...

What a great day you had! That place look so nice!
How cool your mom and dad being in the water with you!
I love your pictures!
Mmmm, yummy food!
Ride in helicopter was fun?


Homer said...

Hey Dino,

I wish I have the chance to go swimming with my humans...


Lorenza said...

Hi, Dino!
I am loving your vacation!
I wish I had the chance to go to a big pool like you!
More yummy food!
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

hello dino! wow u must have had scared of deep pools too - mom says that the dogs in our family all can't swim...heehee...yesterday was mom snakey's birthday and we will post some pics too for you and your family to enjoy!

take care!
lil' pups