Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Holiday at Miaoli - Day Three & Four

Day Three

I slept better on the second night even though the chickens crowed nonstop. For breakfast, Duo Duo's Mom got us some yummy traditional fried vegetable filled buns and soya bean drink.

Here are portraits of my friends at Jian Min Farm.

Duo Duo



The itinerary today is to visit the Flying Cow Ranch in the morning and swimming in the afternoon. The Ranch is just ten minutes drive away and the trees that lined the road on the way were lovely.

When we arrived at the 110 hectares Flying Cow Ranch ( 飛牛牧場), there was a big cow face in the carpark where we parked the car.

The view was spectacular with lots of wide green pastures.

Here's a nice shot of Duo Duo before he goes back to work with his mommy.

I also spotted a duck taking shade under a cow.

There were many black bellied sheeps too!

There are many things to do on the ranch and one popular activity is milking the cow.

Here are some baby cows taking a nap.

Here I am, taking a rest with the sheeps.

These life sized cow statues are great for a photo shoot.

It was an extremely hot morning, luckily I brought along my own personal portable fan.

DIY activities like jam and ice cream making, cookie baking and painting classes are held in this cute cottage.

I got some friendly pets from these kids.

I didn't buy any souvenirs because dogs are not allowed in the store.

After a good walk around the ranch, we decided to head back to Jian Min Farm for lunch.

There is a striking piece of fabric under the roof on our way to the restaurant

We were still full from breakfast and ordered a plate of fried rice. Duo Duo's mom was again very kind to give us some side dishes to complement our meal.

After lunch, we will be going swimming with Duo Duo and Golden, so we waited for them at the playground.

Monica was having her afternoon nap.

Here is a cute dinosaur slide.

Some shots with my family before we set off to Go Go Water World again!

It was a Monday, so there were fewer people and dogs.

Golden and Duo Duo are frequent visitors at the pool and they were already in it while I paced around.

Duo Duo's mom got yellow balls for all the doggies and Golden and Duo Duo really enjoyed fetching their balls in the water.

Here I am trying to reach my ball while Dad looked on.

I am a lot more confident today and I even entered the pool by myself!

I think I am really getting to like this.



The sky was getting dark and Duo Duo's mom suggested that we quickly wash up before it starts to rain.

And it indeed started to rain quite heavily. The boss of Go Go Water World was playing fetch with his twelve Labradors outside and everyone took shelter in the cafe area.

The weather cleared up a bit and Duo Duo's mom said she would bring us to the Tong Siao Fishing Port (通霄漁港) to watch the sunset.

The view of the sea was awesome.

It was really windy and my face was flapping all over.

Mom! Look! It's your favorite sunset again!

It's gorgeous, isn't it?

Next, Duo Duo's Mom brought us to watch windmills. They are really huge!

Not sure what this stone thing is for, but anyway, I'll pose for a photo.

We better get shots of everyone before the sky gets dark.

The one and only family portrait of our trip.

There are ten windmills all together and it was really a breathtaking sight. Special thanks to Duo Duo's mom for bringing us to all these beautiful places.

Finally, We ended the day with a traditional Hakka dinner.

Day Four

Today is the last day of our trip, we woke up around 10am, packed our bags, said goodbye to our friends and headed back to Taipei.

On our way home, we stopped for a little breakfast.

We reached home safely one and a half hours later. After unpacking our bags, Dad and Mom decided to go to Danshui without me.

And guess what? They ended up with a flat tire on the highway. Phew! Luckily, they did not bring me along.

Dad called the car rental company and they sent a repairman over in 45 minutes.

While waiting, Mom spotted a young pregnant cat. She looked hungry, so Mom bought some cat food and water for her at the convenience store.

Kitty enjoyed her meal and rested there with them until the repairman came along.

The flat tire was changed with the spare one in the boot and Mr. Repairman advised them not to drive too fast or too far on the spare tire, so Dad decided that they should cancel their trip to Danshui and return the car instead.

So, that was the end of our vacation. It was a very memorable one for us, we met so many nice people on the way and visited so many places and most of all I overcame my fear of swimming.

I will be sharing some exciting videos from my trip shortly, so please look out for them.

Finally, a big thank you to Daddy for bringing me for my first holiday. Even though it was your first time driving on the left hand side and driving in a foreign country, you drove safely and smoothly wherever we went. Mom and I are super proud of you! You are the BEST!

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Lorenza said...

Hi, Dino!
More great pictures of your vacation!
The sunset is beautiful!
Yummy food. Meeting friends. Swuimming pool that you finally liked.
Sure it was not funny that thing of the flat tire!
I will be waiting for your videos!
Kisses and hugs