Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dr. Dog Internship - Session Two

Saturday morning was the second hospital internship session and this time, I got to go with Dad and Mom! My first trip to the hospital! Yay!

I love hoops!

I am ready! Throw it, Granny!

I love it! I get treats just by waiting.... Life is Good!

Showing off my nose trick.

Dr. Man Man (Dr. 慢慢), what a cutie!!!

Dr. Man Man (Dr. 慢慢) getting a full body massage.

Dr. Pony under the wheelchair.

Chang Chang enjoyed so many pets.

Nana having fun with Grandma.

Thanks to Harley's Mom and Pony's Mom for guiding us along and sharing their experiences with us.

The one hour session went by too quickly, but it was a fun morning for all! Grandpas and Grandmas got some exercise and Dad and Mom had a great time! Of course we doggies enjoyed it the most! With so many yummy treats and so much love and attention, we really can't ask for more!


Homer said...

Wow Dino,

Seem like you are having so much fun! I agreed with you that life is good when you can have many treats!



Lorenza said...

Hi, Dino!
I am so proud of you! Your job is amazing!
Kisses and hugs

Thor and Jack said...

What a great experience, Dino! You did a good job helping those people and had so much fun. :)


Anonymous said...

I was surprised that our second intership is just like the real full service. I got a little nervous. How about you guys? Look like Dino did a great job!!

Anonymous said...

typo....I am Kerry hahaha

Amber-Mae said...

You & your friends do a good job!!!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer