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Monday, April 14, 2008

Everyone Loves Cherry!

So, I was saying in my previous post that Mom spotted a star. We were all sitting there and then Mom suddenly got so excited because she spotted Cherry, the most famous golden retriever in Taiwan. Cherry is like a super star in Taiwan, she has a very popular blog ( and has made many appearances on TV and newspaper prints.

Look at Cherry, isn't she a darling?

Cherry was with two other friends, Whisky and Brandy. (They have a blog too!)

This is Whisky.

And this is Brandy.

Mom went absolutely gaga over Cherry, I don't blame her because Cherry is a real sweetheart and has a very endearing personality. EVERYONE LOVES CHERRY!

Of course we wouldn't pass on a photo opportunity with a celebrity, so I was made to pose beside Cherry.

This one is the best I could managed, guess I was just a little overwhelmed.

Just look at mom! She couldn't stop smiling.

Baby's mom was also excited to have a photo taken with Cherry.

Look at my crazy mom again! She totally ignored me for 10 minutes! She absolutely adores Cherry and she was completely starstruck!

So that was a nice ending to a wonderful afternoon. Many thanks to Cherry and Cherry's dad for being so obliging! Cherry brought smiles everywhere she went and I am sure mom was not the only one smiling yesterday.


Amber-Mae said...

A famous Golden in Taiwan? Sooo kewl that you got to meet her! She looks sooo cute with that mini mouse head gear...She looks like a darling to me. I can understand why your mom was making such a big fuss over her. I bet you liked her too huh? Hee!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Diana said...

hey Dino is also a star, and not only in Taiwan! He is so adorable!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dino!
Sure Cherry is beautiful. We can understand your mom!
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Dino... I love him so much! And Cherry is adorable, too! I love Dino's blog! KEEP IT UP! <3 Parker, Daisy, Sophie, and Jenn :)

Finn's Dad said...

A real celebrity, that's awesome. Dino looks start struck (or interested in something off camera).

Nice Blog,


Miona said...

Hi,Dino.Thank You for You come to my blog.
And it's nice to meet You and your family.I wish be friend

Anonymous said...

dino dear,
i still think you look cuter than any dog in the world. The Cherry sure has a celebrity look around her, a bit atas huh...hee...

Hope to see you soon!!


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