Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eating Out with Mom

Mom tries to bring me everywhere she goes, so she is always on a lookout for dog friendly places to bring me.

Recently, we have been going to the wet market and supermarket near us. Have I told you that I stole half a chicken when mom was digging into her wallet to pay the stall holder at the wet market? That created quite a stir on a Monday morning and a crowd gathered around me to watch me with the chicken in my mouth. Mom took awhile to get me to drop that juicy chicken. When I finally dropped it, mom got the stall holder to chop it up for us to bring home, so I had that fat juicy half of a chicken for my meals last week. Yummy! Mom wasn't too pleased with me, but I think she forgave me quite quickly.

Besides going to the market, I accompany Mom to lunch some times. This is one of her favorite spots: A Japanese vegetarian eatery and a coffee bar side by side.

This is her healthy lunch.

I am ready to eat too!

Looks like I'm not getting any : ( I am pouting!

They have lots of fancy drinks here and I am smiling my Dino smile :D

This is the nice lady at the coffee bar.


Kawai Coffee Bar & Japanese Vegetarian Eatery
Address: Heping East Road Sec. 3 No. 345 Taipei

I will explore more with mom and if we do find more dog friendly places, we will share it with you here.

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