Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dr. Dog Basic Obedience Training - Lesson 5

Today's lesson was a little special because it was held outdoors. We had to prepare 3 different types of yummy treats for class today. Mom prepared boiled lamb, hot dog and chicken for me.

We had to fast for a few days prior to the lesson because today's lesson is to enhance our concentration level. I fasted for one and a half days, a total of three meals!!! That was the longest time I went without food in my entire life! Oh Boy! Was I hungry!

Our instructor made sure there were lots of distraction for us, airplanes flew over us, doggie classmates walking around us, she even called out my name and pulled on my leash, but all I had to do was just Eat and get praised for eating! Fabulous! It can't get better than this! Life is GOOD!

Next, we took turns to demonstrate the things that we have learned so far and our instructor also give us some tips about the upcoming test. Next week is the final lesson for the basic obedience class and we all have to work hard so that we can continue on to the next level.

After the lesson, we took a nice long walk together with my classmate, Baby (a sweet 3 year old female yellow labrador) and her mom. After the walk, we sat down for a break and the humans had their coffee and snacks while Baby and I continued to enjoy the leftover treats from class.

Mom spotted a star while we were sitting there and that really deserve a blog post on its own, so please see the next entry :D

Oh! And please keep your fingers, toes and paws crossed for me that I pass my test next week!


Emma said...

don't worry Dino, you will do excellent in your test! Hugs and don't worry

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

下週就要考試了, 要加油哦!