Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Health Check!

Bibi's owner, Kerry informed us that Taiwan Genome Sciences, Inc. is offering complimentary health checks and X-rays for Dr. Dogs till the end of the month and so, we went on Thursday night.

I love the clinic, it is very clean and modern.

Look! They even have a space ship where you can teleport! Just kidding! Actually that is an oxygen tank where we can go in for some pure oxygen. It looks kind of small for me and I think I would be terrified if you put me in there, but it's my first time seeing this machine and I thought it was rather cool.

After checking out the clinic, the friendly doctor gave me a body check, looked at my teeth and listened to my heart beat. He said that I have good skin and my heart was beating really fast, but that was just because I was feeling really excited.

Then we went into the X-ray room. I have a very long body so he had to take four separate X-rays for me. I was really cooperative in there and Doctor even praised me for being a good boy!

This is my upper body.

This is my lower body. Doctor could tell that I had not pooped yet!

And here is my side profile. Doc said I had some gas too! That was embarrassing!

The X-rays were ready in just a matter of minutes and we viewed them on the computer. They were very sharp, you could see my organs and intestines very clearly. Doctor went through the X-rays and said that overall everything looked good, but there are a few things to pay attention to. He advised me to go for a dental visit to clean my teeth. He also added that I should lose some weight to reduce the pressure on my hips as he was concerned about hips dysplasia and he suggested that the next time I get my hips X-rayed, I should get my teeth cleaned at the same time too. He also said to continue taking my joint supplements.

The service is very professional and Doc gave a very thorough check up, I highly recommend it to all my furry friends!

Address: 台北市和平東路3段370號(近捷運麟光站)
Telephone: 02-2739-0313

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Lorenza said...

Hi, Dino!
That looks like a super clinic!
We don't have those here! Hmmmmm!
I can see your insides!!!
Clean teeth and diet?? More hmmmmm!
Kisses and hugs