Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Party Time!

After the trip to the Pet Fair, we headed on to Cosy Shell to celebrate our passing of the Dr. Dog test with our friends.

When we arrived, A2 Mom and Snoopy's Mom were already there. A2 Mom brought Wen Wen to have her teeth cleaned and she was still groggy after the anesthesia.

Mom just couldn't resist giving her a hug.

Here's Snoopy with his favorite pillow, it goes everywhere with him.

And cute Bibi smiling at his mommy.

Mei Mei, our friend from the practice sessions came too!

Dad's treat pouch seemed very interesting that night.

This is another Mei Mei, but she is a husky, it was my first time meeting her.

Hey, you guys! What are you doing?

Pudding's Dad carrying Lafy for a photo.

Buggy was here too!

Dali was all dolled up for the party.

Then, everyone started to get busy with treats from Pudding's Family.

Here's Nana.

Wen Wen.




And the humans got busy with their cameras.

Unfortunately, they do not serve doggie meals there, but they do have very nice set dinners for the humans.

Here's Mom's salad.

And soup.

Mom's main course: Thai Style Chicken

Dad's main course: Pork Chop.

This was followed by coffee and cakes.

Pudding's family brought 3 boxes of cakes, so there were more cakes! I did get a taste of the yummy cream!

Snoopy couldn't resist the tempting smells.

Vicki is an instructor at Dr. Dog's and she was invited to pop the champagne that Belle's Family brought.

After sips of champagne, Vicki shared with us about her experience with clicker training for chickens. I was paying the most attention.

Shortly after, Nana joined in. Actually, Vicki was holding a plate of cakes. Hee Hee!

After that, everyone took turns to share about how the Dr. Dog training has benefited them and then one by one, we started to head for home.

That's all folks! Coming up next will be about my final Dr. Dog Advanced lesson.


Cosy Shell (貝殼海)
Address: Roosevelt Road Sec 5, No. 293, Taipei (台北市羅斯福路五段293號 - 萬隆捷運站二號出口)
Telephone: (02) 29327776
Operating Hours: Closed on Sundays (星期日公休) 11.30am to 9.00pm

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Lorenza said...

Hi, Dino!
I wish I was there with you all sharing a good time!
All your friends are very cute!
Too bad they did not have doggie food but that for humans looks delicious!!! My mom is drooling!
Kisses and hugs