Tuesday, July 22, 2008

To the Pet Fair!

The annual AquaPet Fair was held over the weekend at the Taipei World Trade Center from 18th to 21st July. We were all looking forward to it because it would be my first time going to a pet fair.

The World Trade Center is located right next to the Taipei 101 building.

Dad had to run some errands in the building, so Mom and I waited outside. There were so many people walking around!

Waiting patiently...

Yay! We are here!

It was packed with people and doggies and there wasn't much room for walking.

Look! It's Winnie the Pooh!

No! It's Hadi (哈帝), the Dr. Dog!

This is Hadi (哈帝) and his Mom. She is quite an amazing woman as she has a total of eight dogs and they are all Dr. Dogs.

Mom, of course had to take a photo with this cutie!

This is not Hadi (哈帝), it's me!!! See my birthmark? Hadi's Mom was so kind to lend us the pooh ears for some photo shots.

Smile! Winnie, Smile!

Posing with Dad.

This is one beautiful yellow lab.

It's an AquaPet Fair, so naturally there would be lots of fishes too! Here's one gorgeous blue fish.

We had to rush off to a party, so here's me looking cool in the taxi.

We were there on a Saturday and as it was really crowded, we only managed to get a hair brush and some treats. Mom concluded that last year's fair was a lot more interesting, but she decided that she would go again without me on the last day, which is a Monday to have a better look.

And see who she met! It's Cherry! One of Mom's favorites!

Mom was too happy to get a photo with Cherry again!

When Mom came back, she put everything together and so here's the total loot from the two days.

Can I come and sniff yet?

Unbelievable! Are you sure it's all for me?

Why do I always have to do this before I eat it?

That's all about the pet fair, I have to go and enjoy my yummy treats, but look out for my next post about the celebration party with my Dr. Dog friends!

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You have some yummy treats...lucky you!