Monday, October 8, 2007

Vaccination Day Today

Mum brought me for my rabies jab at the Shen Pu Pet Hospital today. It has been raining all day since last night and I have just been lounging around, so it was fun going out for the short ride to the hospital.

As usual, I was a good boy and did not struggle at all when the doctor administered the injection. Do I deserve a pat or what?

Mum also asked for some de-worming tablets for me and so the doctor had to weigh me in order to prescribe the exact dosage. I weighed in at 37kg, looks like I have not lost any weight despite the intensive exercise with Dad during the last one week. Time to watch my diet again! Sigh....

The doctor gave me four Drontal Plus tablets, each tablet for 10kg of my weight. I can only take them five days later though because of the vaccination. Doc also told me to drink lots of water.

Doctor also told me to keep dry and shower only one week later. As soon as we got home, mum had to dry me off with a hairdryer because we both got wet in the rain. I hope it will stop raining tomorrow because I miss seeing my friends in the garden. Today, I will just take a good rest.


Anonymous said...

Well, Dino, you have had a busy day. You sure look like you enjoy to *go fried* (go for a ride) even if it was to the Vet's.

Tell your mum that I am sorry she fell and scrapped her knee and palm. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

hello dino and mummy!
a big hug from sunny singapore! aiyar,think mummy is always more excited about play than dino.Do remember to massage the bruise so it will go away soon!
There's been a case of a husky who bit a little girl here - see the post on ministry of pets and sign the petition so that the husky won't be put down.

take care everyone and hope i will get a chance to go back to shanghai ;)

lil' pups