Friday, October 5, 2007

Mummy and Her Bruised Knee

Daddy has been back since last week and we have been spending many afternoons in the garden with lots of fetching and heeling exercises. Daddy noticed that there is a marked improvement in my behavior since 2 months ago and was rather pleased. Am I a good boy or what? We took many photos and video clips, so you will be seeing a new Dino clip very soon!

Mummy played hide and seek with me yesterday. When I found her, she ran away and I chased after her, of course! She probably forgot that I have four legs and can outrun her anytime. Anyway, I crossed her path, and mum tripped over me. She fell flat onto the ground and scraped her palm and knee caps. Poor Mummy, there was a bit of blood and now there is a big bruise on her right knee. Oops, but it really wasn't my fault. It's the first time Mummy fell when she is with me and she learned her lesson: Never play catch with Dino again!

I am getting so good at my nose trick and mum is having a hard time getting me to slow down. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Monickie, I'm 22 years old. I'm from Brazil, and I saw Dino's videos on You Tube, when i was looking for Golden Retriever videos... I just faled in Love for Dino! He is sooo cute!!! Now every day I visit the Dino's website! Congratulations for mommy and Daddy! As soon as possible, I will buy my little Golden... God bless Dino, mommy and Daddy

Monickie Urbanjos

Anonymous said...

hi dino,
can't help grinning when iwas watching your nose trick as i was there when you started learning it. my,you've come a long way and improved so much! Have been very busy at work and all the late nights..yawnz...still voting for you and hope you get crowned again!!
I will get ali and syl to vote for you too!

lil' pups