Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Golden Retriever Sam looking for a home in Singapore

Attention my friends in Singapore! Got this from an email, please help to spread the message, we have less than 2 weeks to help Sam find a home!

Dear All,
My friend is moving overseas and needs a new family for his dog Sam.
Sam is 9.5 yrs old. He is 100% house trained, loves to swim at the beach (which he goes almost on a weekly basis) and he is a great great dog!!! The only thing is he is super fright of thunder like most dogs. He walks off leash and has a 5m invisible barrier and will never go far from the zone.
If you would like to talk to the owner, please call Surjit at 92705275.
Please also help me to spread the word around. Surjit is leaving the country in 2 weeks so he really really needs your help to find Sam a new home. Sam’s picture is attached.
warm regards


How Sam Sees It said...

Good luck to Sam! Are the owners sure they can't take him with?


Jans Funny Farm said...

Oh, we came by yesterday and left to tweet and FB on Sam. Guess we forgot to come back. We sure hope Sam gets a great home!

Hannah said...

He looks really sweet. I would love to have him but I already have 2 dogs. Good Luck though. :)

mrau said...

hi, we observe?I also have such a dog!

Jim Wayward said...

It is a shame for Sam! There is no way the owner can not take him?