Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where is the cake?

Mom said that she was going to bake me a birthday cake, but I turned 4 years and 1 month old three days ago and there was no cake in sight! She has been saying that she will bake one for me for the past four years!!! Sigh....

Anyway, I can't believe that I am four already! A lot has changed over the last one year. The most eventful must be the arrival of my baby sister, Ashley. Now, I have to share my parents' affection and attention with her. I don't really mind because I know that she will love me and shower me with lots of attention as she gets older.

I also took a break from my Dr. Dog duties and I miss my colleagues and friends at the hospital very much. I hope Dad and Mom will find some time to take me for the test to renew my license so that I can be back in service soon.

Look at what I got for my birthday! Presents from Mom, Auntie Beh and my friends, Augie and Ti!!! 
Augie and Ti picked a Dalmatian stuffie and a bandana for me and look at that birthday card! That was really sweet of them! Big thank you to you two for your nice presents!!!

Don't you think I look rather dashing with that customized bandana?

I also received some e-cards from my friends!!!
From Kimba:

From Molly:

From Parker and Daisy:

Thank you all so much for making my birthday so special!


Kari in Alaska said...

every year I tell my pups I am gonna bake for their birthdays and I never do. They feel your pain

Jans Funny Farm said...

You deserve a birthday cake! If we missed your BD, a belated happy one to you. You got some great presents there.

One great thing about human babies, they drop lots of food on the floor.

Wannie said...

What a sweet picture of you and your baby sister! Look at all the toys you got! I'm so glad I got to see you and your family... I miss you all!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dino!
Happy Belated Birthday!
Sure it was pawesome that you had a great celebration... without cake!
You got very nice presents!
You and Ashley look very happy in that picture!
Kisses and hugs

Farley said...

Happy belated birthday Dino! You look so handsome in your bandana :) We are glad you had a special day, and we smile every time we see Ashley.

The Musketeers said...

Wow ! What a barkday ! With so many pressies ! Happpy Barkday D ! ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Dino,

Sorry I haven't been visiting in so long! My human has been really busy too with work and settling and stuff.

Anyway, it looks like you had a great birthday! Wow - look at all thsoe presents and I like the personalied bandana best! You're looking very lovely with your coat back to it's usual glory!

Don't feel too bad about the cake - at least your human CAN bake a cake - my human couldn't bake a cake if her life depended on it! HA! HA! (And even if she did bake one, I'd be too scared to eat it)

Honey the Great Dane

Juliet Ang said...

Hi Dino my god brother,

What lovely and yummy cupcakes! You are sooo lucky! I only got a piece of BBQ steak......hee hee hee hee

Buddy the Shelti-poo

How Sam Sees It said...

Happy Birthday, Dino! Sam never got his birthday cake either, and we are now over 6 months late with it! Maybe he will get it for our one year anniversary of his blog!