Monday, May 26, 2008

Dr. Dog Intermediate Lessons

We have all been rather busy lately, so I will just give a quick recap of my Dr. Dog lessons. I have just completed the final lesson for the intermediate class yesterday. Next week is the test and Dad and Mom are getting really worried. Mom is feeling the strain because Dad was traveling and she had to bring me for the last two lessons on her own. For those of you who know me well, I am a real mommy's boy and although she is strict with me, sometimes I choose not to listen to her and that really drives her crazy. Dad always tells Mom to work harder on her leadership skills. While she works on it, let me tell you about my class.

It is a small class this time for the intermediate level, there are only 5 of us. There are my previous classmates from the Basic class, Howler the golden retriever and Bibi the red poodle. My new classmates are Bibi the West Highland Terrier and Babu the white poodle.

This is handsome Howler again.

This is Westie Bibi who is a little camera shy.

I must remember to take a photo of our two poodle classmates on Sunday.

Last Thursday night, we had a group practice at a park. Numerous toys and treats are strewn all over the floor and we are supposed to heel around them, lay down in the middle and stay. During the stay, we have to do the "Look", "Heel to the side" and "Off" command and we must not break our stay when people come up from behind to touch us or when there are any noise distractions around us. When it is time to be released, we must run straight to our owners and not go for the food or toys on the floor.

In class, we also learned how to spit out on command, but did I hear abundant yummy treats on the floor? Gosh! That is too good to be true! Anyway, I did rather badly that night, Mom did not managed to get me to obey her "Off" or "Spit Out" commands and I am guilty of eating a large pig ear and a dental bone.

The next day, Mom went to Costco and bought these:

Can you see the glee on my face? Mom thinks that pig ears are gross, but she hopes that with all these variety of treats, I will be able to master the spit out command.

Yesterday, our instructor said that I have to work harder on Off and Spit out and have to heel properly without wandering to the left and right. Looks like it is going to be a hard week, lots of intensive exercises are planned for me. I better buck up before Dad comes back.

On Saturday, we joined an amazing group of Dr. Dog students who are undergoing the advanced class for clicker training. I have lots of photos to share and so that will go into my next blog entry.

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Amber-Mae said...

Oh gee, I'm not sure if I could spit out any food from my mouth either but if the treats are bigger like pig's ears & dental bones, that should be easy for me to "spit out". Anything small, I will swallow it fast. Hopefully you'll be able to master those two commands soon to become a Dr.Dog!

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer