Friday, December 7, 2007

A Friend in Need

Mum visited me today, we played fetch for a while and then I got bored, so mum gave me a nice relaxing massage as I gnawed on my giant bone.

As mum was leaving the hospital, she met a group of students with a golden retriever. Mum found out that the golden was found outside the university and they brought him to the vet at the animal hospital which I am in. Unfortunately, they were not allowed to have the golden checked because the hospital does not attend to strays and the dog did not have a micro chip on him.

However, they did find out that the golden is about 5 years old from the vet. It looked more like a puppy or a medium sized dog to mum because he is a lot smaller than I. The poor boy also has some skin problems and he has patches all over his body, I really hope that he is just lost and not being abandoned to the streets. We have created a page for him at my site to help him find his way home. You can see it here , please keep your fingers, toes and paws crossed that my friend finds his family soon.


ntheoret said...

Poor Dino, it must be terrible to be separated from your mummy and daddy. But from what I understand, you'll have a new home in Taipei really soon, and then you'll have peace and quiet. Just be patient a little bit longer!

Big hugs from Quebec, Canada

Dino and Family said...

Hi ntheoret,
Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. Just 3 more days to go and I will be home! Yay!!! Thanks for the big hugs too! Here's one furry one for you! Love, Dino