Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nasty Hot Spots! Not again!

This is my new bandana, it has cute paw prints on it! That photo was taken right before my visit to the vet. Now, for the bad news, I have two hot spots, one on my front paw and one on the back. I had an injection and some pills last week to treat it. Mum also applied some cream on the affected areas which made me lick them more. I could lick the spots even with the elizabethan collar on and that really drove mum up the wall.

This week, the spots became infected and Vet Huang says it has become swollen with pus. After cleaning the infected areas, it is back to more pills for another week. I am going for another follow up tomorrow. Vet Huang suggested that I wear a muzzle to prevent further licking. I tell you, I really hate this thing! Mum says she will take it off if I stopped licking, but her heart softened and she removed it after a while. Why do I get hot spots all the time? : (


Anonymous said...

hi dino, we've never met but i did meet your mummy when your cousin bernadette and i flew to shanghai for motorola :) sorry about that uncomfortable looking thing around your neck and the hannibal lecter muzzle but on the bright side, your bandana is tres chic! hope all is well with you and your family

lots of love, alli ...

(who has failed in her search for great bao lo pao)

Unknown said...

I posted on the video I hate hotspots. Poor baby. This summer was the first summer 8 yo Dusty didn't have hotspots. We live in Houston, Tx and it is very humid and hot here. Also we have lots to be allergic to. I started in Jan with 2 clemistines 2x a day for allergy and it helped her not to have so much discharge and runny nose. Also started 2 squirts of Salmon Oil made for dogs and cats, in her food 2x a day. She has done very well this summer. Also food is a major source of allergies. Be sure to feed food without corn or wheat in it. A good quality food is very important. We have been getting many foods here in the States from China with poor ingredient in them. We never ate those brands anyway. So you know which ones to stay away from too.
Good Luck. Give him a big Texas hug from us.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dino, you are breaking my heart with those nasty hot spots. We too have had some relief with a special dry food made from Kangaroo meat. The thing is you can't eat any other kind of treats or raw hides or anything ...just the special food, but Tucker thinks it's yummy and has it for his snackies and his nightie cookie (even though it's not a cookie).

Anonymous said...

My one dog has also had a time of skin problems this summer! So weird! He was biting so bad he needed antibiotics and alergy pills. He's almost 13 and his immune system was affected. I even started making him cooked meals but now have switched to another do food brand made with salmon and oatmeal. Still trying to see if it will work.So very frustrating. he also is wearing an E-collar like Dino. :P I really hope Dino gets better. Maybe with winter coming it will be better?

Dino and Family said...

Thanks everyone, the nasty hot spots are gone now, hope they will never come back again!