Saturday, July 28, 2007

I hate Hot Spots!!!

Mum and Dad flew to Taipei for two weeks and fetched me back from boarding today. And guess what? I have a surprise for them! I have a horrific huge hot spot on my head! The guys at the boarding shaved off the fur on my head to apply medication. Mum and dad couldn't believe their eyes! They were both too shocked for words because when they left me, I just had a little hot spot near my butt and a tiny itchy spot on the forehead. When they were in Taipei, they kept reminding the people at boarding to take extra care and apply medication for me. The one near my butt healed completely, but the wound on the forehead was shocking, there were scabs and goos on it, that is the worst case of hot spots that I have ever experienced.

Mum said she can't really blame the boarding people for what happened as it is not possible for them to keep an eye on my scratching all the time and so the hot spots started to spread all over. It is 38 degrees celcius in Shanghai now, the heat is unbearable and I am truly uncomfortable.

Anyway, I was sent to the vet immediately. There were also some small ones all over my body and face so I was given a clean shave, Vet applied medication, gave me injections and I had to wear the dreaded collar at home. I am really itching all over, my head itch so much, I can scratch it with my hind legs even with the collar on. It is getting a little hard to heal as I keep scratching it. Took me about a week to recover from it, here is a video clip of the nasty hot spots.


Anonymous said...

Poor boy!!! He´s so sweet and adorable! Good job, nice owners. Lucky dog!

Anonymous said...

smart and cute Dino!