Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I got neutered today

Dad and Mum got me neutered today, they have been pondering for quite a while now. They did some research on the benefits of neutering and decided it was best for for my health as it greatly reduces the risk of cancer. I was put under anesthesia and the whole procedure took about 20 minutes. I woke up afterwards feeling slightly wobbly and then went home to rest.

Dad and Mum looked at me and were feeling a little sorry because they were not sure if they had done the right thing. There was some swelling, I was feeling very uncomfortable and kept licking on the stitches. Mum took good care of me, administered hot pack on my swelling every night and I recovered after 3 weeks. The benefits of neutering or spaying definitely outweigh the discomfort that I had for that 3 weeks, so I would recommend it to every pet owner. Your pet will thank you for it!

Here is a video of me recovering after the surgery:

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