19 to 24 months old videos

20 months old - The Invisible Milk Bone (Oct 2007)
Dino practicing his nose trick

20 months old - A Little Fun Time with Dad (Oct 2007)
Some play time with Dad in the afternoon

21 months old - Missed Dino (Nov 2007)
Dino at the visitor's room in the quarantine center

21 months old - I want to go Home (Dec 2007)
Dino during his second week in quarantine

21 months old - Going Home Soon (Dec 2007)
6 more days to Home Sweet Home for Dino

22 months old - Home Sweet Home (Dec 2007)
Home at last with my family

22 months old - Merry Christmas (Dec 2007)
Merry Christmas from Dino & Family

Visit to Animals Taiwan (Dec 2007)
A visit to Animals Taiwan, a volunteer group dedicated to improving the livelihood and treatment of animals in Taiwan.

22 months old - Boarding at Liza's (Dec 2007)
I spent one week at Liza's home in the mountains

22 months old - To the Flower Show (Dec 2007)
Dino takes you to the annual flower show at Da An Park

Love River and A Dog named Lady (Dec 2007)
Take a walk along the Love River in Kaohsiung with me.

23 months old - To the University (Jan 2008)
Join me on a tour to the National Taiwan University.

23 months old - Zoomies...Then and Now (Jan 2008)
A look at some crazy zoomies when I was 3 mths old and 23 mths old.

A Man and His Best Friend (Jan 2008)
Watch Mr Li Zheng Zhong and Turk at work

2 years old - My Best Buddy (Feb 2008)
We are best buddies!!!

2 years old - Meet my Piggy Friend (Feb 2008)
Meet my new friend, QQ the pig.

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